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Wow! I have a 100 Deviations up! It's nice looking back and seeing the progress. I've come quite a way but there's still so much more to do. My objectives for the new year, in case I don't get a chance to state resolutions at the end of the month, are to dial down the number of TV shows and video games I consume in favor of working on my art, website, business card, and possibly even picking up the guitar again. I'd also like to get more involved in game development and design if possible (aka start by learning Flash). Wish me luck and here's to 100 more deviations.
  • Listening to: Above and Beyond
  • Reading: House of Leaves
  • Watching: Walking Dead
  • Playing: Crysis 2
  • Eating: PB&J
  • Drinking: Genmaicha
The hurricane passed us by. Thankfully Crown Heights, my area of Brooklyn, suffered little. So I had a four day weekend with electricity and internet. I spent most of Monday working on the "Trick or Treat Snake" deviation I posted recently. Turned out pretty good but sadly it didn't ignite the firestorm Raz did. I'll chalk that up to Psychonauts being a much more cult classic game with devoted fans. Also my title for the comic kinda gave away the joke. O well.

I biked up to Manhattan to see what the city was like. All power is out below 18th street and I still don't have a light for my bicycle (it's in the mail) so it was a bit scary getting back in the dark. Thankfully the storm also meant traffic was generally light. I took my SLR and got some photos. I hope they come out ok once developed, I'd forgotten how to use a lot of the camera's features it's been so long since I used it last.
  • Listening to: Pretty Lights
  • Reading: Wired
  • Watching: Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Playing: Planetside 2
  • Eating: Fried Shark
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
So recently I've decided that in order to draw more attention to my online work I should start doing more fan art stuff (and hot girls) since that's what seems to really draw the views. So I spent most of my blog art time today making some fan art for Psychonauts depicting Raz and boy howdy did it work! I'm currently on the frontpage of Reddit (r/gaming) and it's the first piece on my DA account that's really drawn a massive response. Clearly I need to keep doing this kind of stuff! Thanks to everyone for the upvotes, likes, comments and favorites. Please don't look too far back in my gallery! I hope to bring more great work soon!
  • Listening to: Shakey Graves
  • Reading: House of Leaves
  • Watching: Wilfred
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
  • Eating: Pumpkin Pie
  • Drinking: Black Jack Stout
Feel like I'm in an artistic lowpoint now after finally finishing that book cover. Need to work on a large, physical, piece. Maybe time to finally break out the oils again!?
  • Listening to: Ryan Lerman
  • Reading: Wired
  • Watching: The Killing
  • Playing: Smite
  • Eating: BBQ
  • Drinking: Water
Still doing the morning sketches for the Mechanism. Exploring more with watercolor. Quite happy with the Mother's Day card I produced last week for my grandmother (and is now in my main gallery). I really hope to go to some more museums soon. I'm also STILL working on a large cover digital painting for my cousin which will be my first thorough piece in that medium to date. Super excited but I definitely can't work as fast as I do in normal paint, if only cause it's that much easier to be detail obsessed with the magnifying glass tool.
  • Listening to: FUYA
  • Reading: Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Minecraft (fell of the wagon)
  • Eating: MacGuffin Muffins
  • Drinking: Sangria Senorial
I've been doing weekly works for my company's blog at though few have been truly good. Most are either quick sketches done during our morning meeting or old sketches that I scan in and quickly color, typically three hours or less turn around. While it's only output a couple of pieces of truly proud of its good to have the weekly pressure to create something, anything and put it out there. Furthermore, I've been forcing myself to do them all in color so I'm at least honing my color skills, even though it's difficult to impossible to maintain a clean palette in Photoshop, where I do all these works.
  • Listening to: Ryan Lerman
  • Reading: Flatland
  • Watching: Archer
  • Playing: Skyrim (still)
  • Drinking: Water
I've been doing a lot of sketches and I plan on scanning them in and either painting them digitally or modeling them in the case of characters. Under my sketches are examples of this. Also, while I'm away from home for my summer job, I plan on taking advantage of the many tutorial DVDs for 3D here, if only my computer's optical drive worked all the time.
  • Listening to: Abbey Road
  • Reading: QC/Gilgamesh
  • Watching: Ponyo
  • Playing: TF2
  • Eating: Breakfast at 12:47PM