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So if  you couldn't tell by my New Year's comic I plan on really buckling down this work. I've been coasting along since I moved to NYC but I feel it's time to really get to work on things I want to. Those three resolutions (game less, sleep in less, drink/spend less) are really in hope of giving me more time to work on personal skills and projects. Specifically, in order of importance, I plan on 2013 being a productive year:

1. Make a new website
2. My first personal business card (tied into the site's new design)
3. Continue to hone my (digital) painting skills
4. Use said work to create a weekly blog showcased on my new site
6. Possibly begin making some small proof of concepts for some game ideas I have
5. Begin practicing guitar to take breaks from art/code rather than video games

I've already started flats for the new site (which will heavily feature my DeviantArt and other social media outlets) and my business card design has gone through many iterations at this point but is coming to a point. I'm excited for the new year and I hope you'll all (0 of you) join me!
  • Listening to: Your Drums, Your Love - AlunaGeorge
  • Reading: What Happened to the Washington Reporters
  • Watching: Peep Show
  • Playing: Natural Selection 2
  • Eating: Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies
  • Drinking: Green Sencha
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January 3, 2013


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